Country: Born Scotland, lived near Sydney

Exploration Date: 1st November 24, 1831 2nd April 7, 1835 3rd 18 March, 1836 4th 1845

Important Work: 1st After being led into uncharted territory by an Aborigine, he and his crew located what they believed was the Kinder River but was actually the Gwydir River. He sent his team to follow the river and he continued north, locating the Darling River. Aborigines killed his supply men, went home.

2nd Unsuccessfully attempted to trace the Darling River to the sea. Aborigines killed his botanist. Forced to return home soon after.

3rd Traced Darling River into Murray River. Headed south to find the Grampians, a vast fertile region next to the Glenelg River. Attacked by Aborigines early in expedition.

4th Ventured into Queensland.