Edmund Kennedy

 Edmund Kennedy:  Born September 5, 1818, Died December 23, 1848.
He was the assistant surveyor of New South Wales, and worked with Thomas Mitchell, accompanying him on one of Mitchell's expeditions.  He was born in England, and moved to Australia in 1840.  
His first expedition was with Mitchell in November 1845 into the interior of Queensland to find a land route to the gulf of Carpentaria from Sydney.  Although unsuccessful, they found an important body of water they christened the Victoria Stream.  

In 1847, Kennedy led another expedition to further investigate the newly discovered Victoria Stream to see if it led to the Gulf of Carpentaria.  This expedition lasted from March 13th 1847 until February 7th 11848.  However, upon following the river as far north as possible, it was found to to empty into the desert rather than the Gulf of Carpentaria.  With this knowledge, Kennedy turned back to Sydney and decided to rename the river the Barcoo River.  

Having failed twice to find an overland route to the Gulf of Carpentaria, Kennedy mounted another expedition in hopes of finding an acceptable route.  However, this was to be his last expedition.  He took a boat North to Rockingham Bay, where his landing party departed from the supply ship that sailed onward toward his destination.  However, difficult terrain such as mangrove swamps and mountains impeded his progress.  Conditions deteriorated further when one of his men accidentally shot himself, and had to be left behind with part of the expedition party.  Kennedy continued on with only Jackey Jackey, an Aborigine guide.  However, before he was able to make it to the supply ship rendezvous, Kennedy was killed by hostile Aborigines.  Jackey Jackey managed to make the last 20 miles to the supply ship, and told the crew of Kennedy's story.