Country: England

Exploration Date: 1st November 10, 1828 2nd January 7, 1830 3rd 1844

Important Work: 1st Followed the course of the Macquarie, Bogan, and Castlereagh  Rivers had been followed. Reached the Darling River. Proved New South Wales was not an inland sea.

2nd Followed Murrumbidgee River to where it meets the larger Murray River (previously named Hume River). Followed the Murray to the Darling and Lake Alexandrina. They observed that the Murray ran into the sea at a maze of small divisions of water and sand that would be impossible to sail through. Went blind for several months due to trouble with starvation on the return journey.

3rd Set to find out whether or not there was an inland sea with 15 men and 200 sheep. Stranded in the deserts for due to summer conditions. He contracted scurvy and they quickly abandoned the journey.