Blaxland, Lawson, and Wentworth

Gregory Blaxland
Gregory Blaxland Born June 17, 1778

                             Died January1, 1853 (partied too hard on New Year’s)

William Lawson Born June 2, 1774

                          Died June 26, 1850

William Wentworth Born August 13, 1790

                               Died March 20, 1872

Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson, and William Charles Wentworth were the explorers credited with being the first to cross the Blue Mountains, a barrier to inland Australia. Blaxland sought more grazing land, but Governor Macquarie would not give it to him, so he and his partners set out and crossed the mountains by following the ridges. For their success, Macquarie granted them 1000 acres of land a piece. 

William Lawson
William Charles Wentworth